Extend your journey

Following our small group tour, you may want to extend your stay to further explore the destination or hop to a neighbouring country for further touring.  Below are suggested pre-designed extension packages which we can easily add on to your tour. If none of them suits your need, our expert travel advisors can assist you to customize the right extension for you with the same level of details as our small group tours.  

  • Hong Kong
    From $610
    4 days
  • Phuket
    From $575
    4 days
  • Nha Trang
    From $485
    4 days
  • Con Dao
    From $515
    4 days
  • Huang Shan
    From $1550
    4 days
  • Koh Samui
    From $ 390
    4 days
  • Sapa
    From $615
    4 Days
  • Seoul
    From $310
    4 days
  • Taipei
    From $550
    4 days

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